Hacked! Melania and Stormy’s secret email chat


Anonymous has hacked an encrypted email account used by Melania Trump, who began reaching out to Stormy Daniels this past summer, including this exchange in August:

MELANIA: Have you thought about it?

STORMY: Yes. But I don’t think I can do it.

MELANIA: But we can! We dye our hair, I get boob job, you wear tight halter, Hollywood makeup plus Botox. I pay for everything!

STORMY: But I’d have to speak with your accent all the time.

MELANIA: No, I hardly ever speak. Maybe once every six months. Is it money? I double it — $260,000.

STORMY: I’d have to go to all those events and act like I cared about shit?

MELANIA: $520,000.

STORMY: I’d have to fuck him again.

MELANIA: $1 Million!

STORMY: But he’d know. Our bodies are different.

MELANIA: He wouldn’t notice or care. It’s always from behind, he never looks at my face.

STORMY: Yeeesh, I remember. Butt-humped by a sweaty walrus. Does he eat cheeseburgers with you?

MELANIA: I have wiped dribbled mustard and onions off my back after.

STORMY: Yeeesh.

MELANIA: Name your price!

STORMY: You’d have to perform in my videos.

MELANIA: Better than the Walrus.

STORMY: … OK. $5 million?

MELANIA: One month’s allowance. It’s a deal!

STORMY: When do we switch?

MELANIA: ASAP. Before I lose my fucking mind.