Stunning UFO-in-tornado video ruined by selfie syndrome


Bryan Ferguson was traveling on the I-35 highway near Ardmore, Oklahoma when he witnessed what could have been a prize-winning video — a UFO captured by a mammoth tornado — had his head not obscured most of the critical footage.

Ferguson had stopped his car and was livestreaming the tornado when he noticed a saucer-shaped object sucked into the swirling vortex. He switched to selfie view for commentary:

“Dudes, you cannot believe what I’m seeing now and how stoked I am! This UFO is whirling around in the tornado with flashing red lights, and trying to get out. But then it gets sucked right back in. I am so incredibly amazed! By this whole awesome scene, and also by this incredible iPhone 11. I was on the fence about it versus the Galaxy S10, but the bit rate and the uncropped 4K are so worth it! Check out my complete review on my Youtube channel, Bryan’s Best Reviews, and don’t forget to subscribe. Shout out to all my homeys in Hampton Heights! I’m dopin’ it, dogs! Wow, this is such an awesome experience! I’ve never seen myself so amazed! It’s like I’ve been electrocuted by amazement! It’s like —“

At that point, the phone was sucked out of Bryan’s hands and the transmission terminated. Several of Bryan’s friends recorded the livestream, but expressed disappointment that the flying saucer was not clearly visible in any frame. Bryan commiserated with them, but noted that it was still “a uniquely awesome video. Have you ever, like, seen a face so amazed?”